Spring Babies

It's a beautiful day in the UP! It seems the weather has not exactly been cooperating lately. We got more than a foot of snow dumped on us right after Easter and it's taken all of the last two weeks to slowly retreat with temperatures barely squeaking into the 40's and the sun refusing to … Continue reading Spring Babies

A Corona Easter

Easter Sunday. Any other year, churches would be packed with people celebrating the empty tomb. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has risen! But this year is different. Like everyone else, churches have adapted to online streaming of Easter Service, or are holding a drive-in service broadcast over the radio. After church, most families would … Continue reading A Corona Easter

Day Old Chicks (and How to Sex Them)

As promised, I have some pictures to share with you guys! Since getting your chick fix at Tractor Supply is essentially illegal these days, it would be quite rude of me not to share these pictures with you. Now you've met the newbies on the farm! The last two eggs are still in the incubator. … Continue reading Day Old Chicks (and How to Sex Them)

Lock-down and Hatching Chicks

As the first week of the lock-down here in Michigan comes to a close, I've heard many people talking about being bored and wondering what everyone else is watching on Netflix. I've been determined to keep myself occupied in other ways, and this weekend I had no problem doing that. On Friday, I was grabbing … Continue reading Lock-down and Hatching Chicks